Antonin Manto in China's Ningbo

The presentation of Antonin Manto´s artwork was in the city Ningbo in China in the last days of June. Chinese visitors were fascinated by this presentation of czech glass art and unique installation of a the Gothic forest or the Homage to Hieronymus Bosch, which was created in cooperation of a glass master Jiří Pačínk and masters of the glassworks Ajeto Glass. Manto´s creation garnered a huge success and therefore the installation will continue till the end of August. Whole project will moved from Ningbo to Shanghai to the exhibition E15 and after that     to the fair Maison et Objet in Paris.

Antonin Manto inaugurated the exhibition together with the mayor of this eight million city in the east of China, which is the 6th largest port in the world. It had been the largest exhibition of czech glass artworks in China since the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, where Manto also successfully represented czech glass art.

The exhibition was a huge challenge for Manto and his team; some of the most fragile artifacts reach up to 4 meters. For example, an installing the Tribute to Hieronymus Bosch traveled to China by boat for its world premiere. The Gothic forest moved here from Seoul, Korea; glass pines and glass gothic pinnacles together create an illusion of a mysterious gothic cathedral. This installation had an unprecedented success in Ningbo. Next exhibited artworks were, for example, a collection of crystal bowls and cast iron furniture fanciful dimensions named the Feast of the Gods, 300 kg chandelier the Dragon's nest or a collection of colorful vases( amphora) with spin.